Blu-Ray technology is all the rage. This is as a result of of the superb quality of video playback offered along with the flexibility to stream videos from various websites. The LG BD 370 is one the more reliable models on the market. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some more expensive models but it does have plenty of features for the price.

The setup is  very much user friendly and simple. You just insert the AV, network and power cords and its reedy to go.  It will play your discs with superb clarity whether they are blu-ray discs and DVDs.  the device is quick loading and runs nice and quietly.

The face of the LG BD 370 player is made of plastic that is scratch resistant and the remainder of the body is metallic. One good thing that its rivals do not currently have is the ability to customize the interface with your tv.  There are four high definition themes to choose from.

The remote includes a few buttons that you won't use much hidden below a panel which makes it easier to deal with. There's a button assembly on the front of the player that changes colors depending on the source of the video, either blu-ray, DVD and streaming videos. The LG BD 370 blu-ray player can play a disc from where it actually stopped, even after removing the disc out of your player and reinserting it later, and that’s a really good feature.

Watching videos by streaming them from Netflix and Youtube for the player has attracted a lot of  customers. Its on-line content access is good with little wasted setup time and search time. If the user already has an account in Netflix, the setup takes only about 40 seconds and any variety of videos can then be watched for free once  the subscription fee to Netflix has been paid for. The speed at which it searches for Youtube videos is also good. You can also watch videos from Cinema too on this player, once you've registered on their website.

The faux-leather finish for the remote is one thing not everyone will like, as it is considered less desirable from what the previous model could offer. Even though it is great with the present player, the video performance on DVD up conversion hasn’t improved from the previous model.

The LG BD 370 player will not have the wi-fi option, which is once more a letdown for some people, and BD live can't be accessed from the player because it does not have any kind of internal memory. It does possess a USB port though. However the American version of the player does not allow playback of video files from the USB drive. Only photos and audio can be accessed.

The LG BD 370 Blu-ray player gets an average rating of four, considering all its options, the price asked and the drawbacks above. In conclusion, it is a very good buy for somebody looking to buy a decent blu-ray player with tons of entertainment for an inexpensive price.

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