Since the price of big screen Tv's have come down quite a lot in recent times many individuals have decided that building their own home theater system is a fantastic idea. Obviously I'm certain you realize that it takes far more than just a big screen TV to get a complete home theater system. A small number of other things you might want to purchase right now is really a Blu-ray player that has 3D capability, and also sound system to offer you the movie theater experience. For people who already have a big screen TV you might want to have a look at the Samsung HT-E5500W HTIB 5.1 Ch 3D Blu-ray 1000-Watts Home Theater System which fills your other needs.

From the description of this item I am sure you have already determined that this includes the Blu-ray player and and also possesses the capabilities of playing 3D movies. I am certain you have noticed that increasingly more movies these days are being released in 3D, but if you want to ensure you can enjoy these movies you're going to need a 3D player. When you finally get to view a program in 3D in the privacy of your own home you're going to see that it is unlike anything you might have ever seen before. I'm sure you are able to see at this point why this is such a valuable addition to any kind of home theater system.

The other thing you need to have while you are building a home theater system is an incredible sound system and you're going to discover that this item definitely fits the bill. This is really a 100 watt sound system which will offer you 5.1 channels for perfect sound regardless of what you wind up watching. There's something vitally important I would like to mention about the speaker system itself and that is the reality that the rear speakers are wireless so there is going to be no need for you to run wires throughout your living room.

One of the final things I want to mention concerning this product would be that it actually comes with built in Wi-Fi so it can connect to the Internet wirelessly for those who have this sort of Internet access in your home. Due to this you will discover that you'll be able to watch streaming videos from video sharing sites and also surf the web along with the built in browser.

Amazon is now offering this home theater system for less than $400, and this is actually a great price for a product of this caliber. I should point out that this is actually 20% off the list price which is going to offer you a savings of $100 if you opt to buy it from Amazon.

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