If you have been in the market for a new mp 3 player I'm certain you are already aware that there are plenty of different ones in the marketplace. A few of these devices will only play audio files, some will do audio and video, and to figure out which one you want you have to decide what features you're searching for. Based on just how much you were willing to invest for the product you might find that a few of the products available on the internet today will be out of your price range. With regards to a quality device you will see that the Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi, Ultra-Slim Portable Digital Media Player and Recorder qualifies, and it's also what we are looking at here.

A great feature that a lot of individuals like relating to this product is that you can actually save and watch movies directly from this unit. And to make your viewing experience even better while watching your movies I should mention that the 4.3 inch screen is a thing that you'll not find in other products of this caliber. You are additionally going to discover that this will also play multiple video formats and depending on your compression rate you could store up to 160 hours of videos.

Many businessmen end up having a voice recorder but a fantastic thing about having this unit is that it actually has a built in voice recorder so you'll not need to have a second device. You may be thinking that this is not something which you'll ever use but you need to remember that there are tons of men and women out there who would love to have this in this unit.

Many individuals often are curious about the battery life that they are going to get with a unit and you ought to be glad to realize that if you're watching videos the battery will last about 5 hours of course, if you're listening to audio tracks it will last for about 16 hours. If you have a look at the reviews on Amazon relating to this product you are going to find that more than 50% of the folks who have bought this gave it a rating of four or five out of five stars. The Archos 604 30GB Wi-Fi, Ultra-Slim Portable Digital Media Player and Recorder has plenty of great features and could be precisely what you are searching for in a digital media player.

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