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I am sure you realize you have many different options in relation to buying an AM and FM radio. In relation to finding a good radio which carries the qualities that you're searching for, the Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio will do the job. One of the greatest things about this radio is you can in fact tune in AM or FM channels very clearly. It is important to be able to separate the individual stations cleanly, as well as pick up weak signals. Another thing you are going to find relating to this radio that you'll not find in loads of other radios is that it has a tone switch which enables you to listen to a AM channels clearly.

You are also going to find it's not hard to know when you're tuned in perfectly as a result of the LED indicator light. It takes 4 AA batteries, of course, if alkaline batteries are used, it has superb battery life. For such a tiny radio, it's fairly loud, having an output of 4 watts, and also very little distortion if it's at the top level. You are going to discover a lot of little things which come with this radio are features that the majority of folks would never even think of. Another thing you are going to notice is that it comes with a built in power cord if you want to plug this in the wall.

A thing that made plenty of sense to me is that they actually connected the battery cover to the product using hinges so you don't lose it. Yet another nice little feature they're going to find includes this unit is that there's an indentation where the handle is making it easy to carry even should you have your hands jam packed with other things. Turning this device on and off is actually quite simple with a raised bumped buttons and also the design itself makes it difficult to knock over by mistake.

Public broadcasts and the late night baseball games will be simple to tune in thanks to the reception that you receive with this device. If you happen to be looking for a rather simple radio which has a good clean sound to it this could actually be your best choice. For those of you who live in an area where you lose power regularly this is really a nice addition to your home simply because it runs on batteries. Another thing you're going to find out about this product is if you take a look at the reviews on Amazon you will see that most people have given it good reviews. It can be utilized to hear a sporting event or even talk radio, while you are working in your workshop or perhaps your garden.

One thing I should point out relating to this radio is that it is just that, a radio, which means it doesn't play CD's and you will not have the ability to plug in your iPod. You are additionally going to see that you are going to need to turn the dial in order to tune in your radio stations as this is not a digital tuner. You have to bear in mind that this is really a very stripped down radio which is great for listening to the radio but not good if you want it to have the ability to do other things.

In this posting we're going to examine a number of characteristics with reference to the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R. We'll take under consideration many purchaser reviews and details about any questions in regards to the product. Let's furthermore consider the features and benefits. There's often a disadvantage to almost all commercially made merchandise for that reason we are going to at the same time check any potential potential problems of the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R and note if they're sizable or just those which should be expected using this type of item.

Regardless of where you live, you will have some sort of power outage at least once every year. For this upstate New Yorker, I get to have power failures 5 to 10 times throughout the entire year. This is caused by snow storms, lightning storms and just terrible drivers. And a year ago, there was no electricity for 5 days. This is exactly you should be ready and the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R can help you with that.

This compact device can basically do anything in the event of a blackout. One point is that radio is necessary in in case of a power outage. Nevertheless, if you haven't changed your batteries in awhile or they are all used up, the radio is useless. What's good about the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is the radio included can also work on solar power, or you can charge it with a hand crank. So, even if you don't have batteries in the house, you will still be able to listen to the radio. And this unit not only provides you AM and FM radio but also the NOAA Weather band, which makes it convenient for you to hear storm updates, alerts or any other emergency messages that are being broadcasted.

But, there's more. In a power outage, you will definitely need a flashlight, and this unit has a hand crank version so you will not need to have batteries around.

I hope the details within this article relating to Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is proving to be useful. I highly recommend you continue reading for more information and feedback of the options that come with the product. You can find just what other people thought about it as well as hear helpful thoughts and opinions that can help your final decision.

One other thing to think about having is a fully charged cellphone. You evidently can't charge your cellphone when there is no power but this unit thought of that also. This unit has a USB phone charger that can charge essentially any cellphone or rechargeable electronic device. Hence, you will always have a fully charged cellular phone even if the electricity is out for any a longer period.

While this unit is great for power failures, it also makes a terrific device to take on camping trips. Many people love to camp but it is always nice to have an additional flashlight, a radio and a cellular phone charger that works each time you need it without worrying about additional batteries.

Maybe one of the best features of this device is that it just costs around $30 at Amazon. Other identical devices are currently being sold for $100 to $200. But the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is one of those devices that provide you a great deal of value for your money.

Basically, if you wish to be ready for unanticipated power outages or you need a little device to take camping with you, just to make sure you have a charged battery on your cellphone in case of emergency, the Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R is the right choice for you.

Because you've read this post I hope you will manage to make a knowledgeable conclusion on if you should pick a Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R. There is certainly pluses and minuses to many products and services that you can buy. You must think of each of these factors carefully and assess the significance of any significant or negligible trouble many people have discovered using the product. A large percentage of merchandise ranges cover goods with a variety of capabilities, a few may very well be useful to some people and some may well not, based on especial wants. So that you will need to study the many popular features of Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R to consider, prior to your purchase, if these going to be good to you personally. In which case you'll get links here to make a secure buy of a Eton American Red Cross ARCFR160R at the least expensive charge with totally free shipping charges from a guaranteed respected dealer.

Kenwood KDC-MP342U WMA/MP3 CD Receiver with Satellite/HD Radio/Bluetooth Ready Front Panel USB/AUX Input
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (69)
List Price: $160.00
Kenwood's KDC-MP342U delivers playback of your CDs and CD-Rs, MP3/WMA/AAC files from disc or via the unit's front USB port, AM/FM radio, and two versatile pre-amp outputs for system expansion. Add additional Kenwood devices for Bluetooth or satellite/HD radio.

Audiovox Sirius FMDA25 FM Direct Adapter (Black)

SiriusXM FMDA25 Direct Adapter
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
List Price: $15.89
Sale Price: $7.13
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Enjoy reduced static with this SiriusXM FM direct adapter, which provides a high-performance wired connection to your vehicle's radio, so you can listen to AM and FM stations when you turn off your Satellite Radio.
Pioneer GEX-XMP3 Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver w/ Home Kit
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (127)
List Price: $309.99
Sale Price: $299.00
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
The XMp3 portable radio lets you record up to 100 hours of XM programs, record multiple channels simultaneously, auto-record, pause, and replay XM programming. With the XMp3 radio, your music never stops.
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (0)
Sirius-Xm Xdnx1V1 Xm Onyx Dock & Play Radio With Vehicle Kit
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (457)
List Price: $63.99
Sale Price: $27.00
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
With the XM onyX, it's easy to enjoy Satellite Radio in any vehicle. Do-It-Yourself Installation with PowerConnect is quick and effortless: Just plug it into your vehicle's power adapter socket to enjoy live Satellite Radio directly through your FM radio. The large color display and other advanced features maximize your listening experience. You can even personalize onyX to match your vehicle's dashboard with selectable display screen colors and trim rings. Add accessories to enjoy onyX in the home, office or anywhere in between.
SIRIUS Stiletto 2 Portable Satellite Radio with MP3 Player
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (159)
List Price: $399.99
Sale Price: $522.86
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days Product Description .caption { font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif; font-size: 10px; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; } ul.indent { list-style: inside disc; text-indent: -15px; } With the release of the Stiletto 2, Sirius ushers in the next personal music player revolution. With a slim and sleek profile smaller than a video iPod, the ultra-portable Sirius Stiletto 2 satellite radio receiver features a built-in antenna that allows reception of the Sirius signal without the need for an external car or home docking station. This handheld receiver offers users up to 100 hours of internal storage of live[Read More]

SIRIUS ST5TK1 Satellite Radio Receiver

Audiovox Sirius ST5TK1R Starmate Plug and Play with Vehicle Kit
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (42)
List Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $96.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
New Sirius Starmate 5 Dock and Play Radio w/Car Kit

Audiovox XM XMFM1 FM Direct Adapter (Black)

Audiovox XM XMFM1 FM Direct Adapter (Black)
Overall Rating:
Total Customer Reviews: (66)
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $29.97
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Lose the static and crackle by hardwiring your satellite radio directly to your vehicle’s FM radio. Features: -Connect directly to your vehicle's radio antenna: Play your satellite radio over your FM radio. -Static-free sound: Static-free audio connection for your satellite radio, hardwired directly into your vehicle's FM radio behind the dash*. -Single button switching between Satellite and FM radio: Easily switch between Satellite Radio and regular FM radio with the touch of a button. -Free up your vehicle power adapter: Hardwire your Satellite Radio's power behind the dash to free up your vehicle's power adapter for a cell phone, PDA[Read More]
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