I am sure you realize you have many different options in relation to buying an AM and FM radio. In relation to finding a good radio which carries the qualities that you're searching for, the Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio will do the job. One of the greatest things about this radio is you can in fact tune in AM or FM channels very clearly. It is important to be able to separate the individual stations cleanly, as well as pick up weak signals. Another thing you are going to find relating to this radio that you'll not find in loads of other radios is that it has a tone switch which enables you to listen to a AM channels clearly.

You are also going to find it's not hard to know when you're tuned in perfectly as a result of the LED indicator light. It takes 4 AA batteries, of course, if alkaline batteries are used, it has superb battery life. For such a tiny radio, it's fairly loud, having an output of 4 watts, and also very little distortion if it's at the top level. You are going to discover a lot of little things which come with this radio are features that the majority of folks would never even think of. Another thing you are going to notice is that it comes with a built in power cord if you want to plug this in the wall.

A thing that made plenty of sense to me is that they actually connected the battery cover to the product using hinges so you don't lose it. Yet another nice little feature they're going to find includes this unit is that there's an indentation where the handle is making it easy to carry even should you have your hands jam packed with other things. Turning this device on and off is actually quite simple with a raised bumped buttons and also the design itself makes it difficult to knock over by mistake.

Public broadcasts and the late night baseball games will be simple to tune in thanks to the reception that you receive with this device. If you happen to be looking for a rather simple radio which has a good clean sound to it this could actually be your best choice. For those of you who live in an area where you lose power regularly this is really a nice addition to your home simply because it runs on batteries. Another thing you're going to find out about this product is if you take a look at the reviews on Amazon you will see that most people have given it good reviews. It can be utilized to hear a sporting event or even talk radio, while you are working in your workshop or perhaps your garden.

One thing I should point out relating to this radio is that it is just that, a radio, which means it doesn't play CD's and you will not have the ability to plug in your iPod. You are additionally going to see that you are going to need to turn the dial in order to tune in your radio stations as this is not a digital tuner. You have to bear in mind that this is really a very stripped down radio which is great for listening to the radio but not good if you want it to have the ability to do other things.

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