If you prefer a nice sound boost than what your pc speakers can give you then you need to get the Jawbone JAMBOX. The sound of the Jawbone JAMBOX is superb wherever you hook it up. In one charge, you could listen for about ten hours.

You could put the JAMBOX by Jawbone wherever in the room, as it is the smallest wireless speaker and speakerphone you'll find. You can enjoy streaming audio from your pc, phone or other Bluetooth device, and it can be placed wherever you want it in the house. All your mobile audio can be brought to life vibrantly, in the palm of your hand. With the Jawbone JAMBOX, it will be easy to get superb sound from your tablet, iPod, Zune, laptop computer, cell phone or any other audio playing device. The sound is so great on the Jawbone JAMBOX that it's going to do a great job of playing audio from a high end home stereo system. The speaker is going to provide you with 85 decibels of wonderful sound. No other speaker out there has the exclusive acoustic drivers of Jawbone JAMBOX which produces very high highs and extremely low lows in a single speaker.

The built-in microphone lets you share conference calls from wherever too. It works very well with chat applications such as Skype, iChat and more. You could take it from place to place or throw it in a bag, without cords or docks. You will always have superb quality of sound and volume from this small speaker. The style of the JAMBOX is impressive with its stainless steel construction and the industrial-weight molded rubber casing. It is a well designed speaker that is finely crafted and built to be tough and portable while providing exceptional audio.

Out of the box, the Jawbone JAMBOX includes one 60 inch micro USB cable and one 12.5 inch micro USB cable. The JAMBOX also carries with it an AC adapter, carrying case, a 36 inch long 3.5 mm stereo cable and a user manual. This is actually the best speaker you have heard for its size, that will let you listen to all of your favorite audio from only one device. With the Jawbone JAMBOX, you can go anywhere without having to worry about setting up a docking station or cables for multiple speakers. In a speaker which can sit on the palm of your hand, you will have incredibly clear stereo sound and rich and deep bass.

The JAMBOX by Jawbone is well regarded by the majority of buyers. They believe it might be a little expensive, but that it does what it claims it does. If you want something portable with a superb sound, this speaker is most likely right for you. At the very least, you can give it a try to find out if the sound is what you want.

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