The Apple iPad Tablet is beingĀ hailed as the simplest way for users to enjoy the internet, email, photos, and video on a portable unit. The unit is essentially a giant iPod touch measuring in at a 9.56 by 7.47 by .50 inches.

Apple iPad Tablet: Features

The Apple iPad Tablet weighs in at 1.5 pounds and offers a 9.7 inch LED-backlit IPS touch-screen display that has a 1024x768 resolution. It comes with the iPhone OS 3.2, which is a tweaked version of the iPhone operating system designed to run on the iPad's bigger screen as well as to use all the new applications. However, for some reason Apple haven't tweaked the OS to be able to multi-task.

The same as the iPhone, and probably the principal feature that sets this device apart from a netbook, is the lack of a physical keyboard. The keyboard is on-screen but iPhone users who have had trouble with the unit's keyboard will be pleased to take note that the iPad's keyboard is a lot bigger and easier to use. Whilst not designed for word processing, the well spaced keys convert it into a viable, portable solution if you would choose to have a lighter portable unit for note taking and similar activities.
Apple iPad
The Apple iPad comes with the Safari browser and web surfing is quite impressive and fast. The screen is large enough for one to be able to see whole web pages commencing on another without the requirement for zooming out or scrolling between the two.

The device also features a Mail application that allows for quick set up of email accounts and provides a lot of the common systems from Microsoft Exchange to Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The Apple iPad comes with another eleven preinstalled applications, namely Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Videos, Maps, YouTube, App Store, Safari, Photos, iPod and iTunes. The Maps application offers users allow you to locate practically anything in any area they wish, from eateries to bars and shops, and also it even offers driving directions between two different locations. It in essence acts like a GPS unit, using Wi-Fi triangulation to position you on the map.

Among the finest things about the Apple iPad should be how many third party applications that will allow users to customize their experience.

The Apple iPad enables you to read books and offers a good experience with color illustrations and turning pages looks totally realistic. It additionally provides allow you to bookmark any section or word a user is reading and then look up the bookmarks in a list sorted by date. It also features a very intuitive search function that will allow users to locate anything they want in a book or the nearest approximation.

With regards to multimedia content, as is to be expected, videos and photos look really stunning on the large screen. Although it isn't a substitute for an HDTV, it is quite incredible for a portable unit.

Apple iPad Tablet: Advantages and disadvantages

Consumers that purchased the unit are really happy with its overall performance with regards to multimedia content. The biggest complaints were with regards to Safari's lack of Flash support together with the lack of a camera for video chatting.

Overall, buyers were pleased with their purchase of the Apple iPad Tablet because they found that it is a handy device that can replace a laptop for certain tasks.